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Jesal Hatcheries is the largest well maintained hatchery in Gujarat founded in 2003. Initially started from a small hatchery, it is greatly expanded to the latest and most hygiene hatchery in India having capacityof 16 lakh setting eggs.

For proven operational efficiency, Jesal hatcheries have adopted continuous development and new innovations. Jesal hatcheries have installed latest technology incubators and hatchers of India’s leading manufacturing company Bala Industries which are fully automatic with dependable HCS microcontroller based controller and also owned a separate Air Handling Unit.

Jesal hatchery has extremely stringent hygiene and quality standards well known unit. Daily sanitization, fumigation and vaccination prevent diseases and enhance quality of a day old chicks. Our newly architected buildings ensure proper ventilation of fresh air and maintain appropriate temperature and humidity within hatcheries. Our skilled manpower does immediate transportation of healthy chicks and takes care of necessary arrangements considering changes in weather for obtaining 100% live chicks to our customers.

How We Care ?

Over the years, we have a trustworthy business in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The reputation for being a focused, dedicated business specializing in every aspect of poultry continues to be nationally recognized.

Our company’s mission is not only achieving maximum hatchability but also providing best and consistent quality chicks throughout a year in all climatic conditions. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service.

Jesal Hatcheries continue to grow and improve with strong past and bright future.